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I started this blog as a personal project, in the belief that conversations about our society should be open and accessible to all. In particular, young Singaporeans deserve a voice on issues which affect us – on politics, public policy, or foreign affairs.

Singaporeans are good at complaining: We argue that our citizenry is too placid and incapable of engaging in mature democratic discourse. That may be true, but it’s also on us to take responsibility for changing this mindset. In a small way, I hope to contribute something valuable to our national discussion.

I try to take a non-partisan stance on controversial local issues. When the government or the opposition deserve to be called out, I believe it should happen without fear or favour. At times, there will also be some think-pieces by friends and acquaintances who may take alternative stances.

I’m currently studying Politics, Philosophy, and Economics (PPE) at Trinity College, Oxford on a Jardine Foundation Scholarship. I used to write for The Middle Ground, and you can find my articles here.

Chin Wee